Transport Carbon Emissions Calculator App

Carbon emissions constitute the 60% of the ecological footprint, and are one of the main contributors to climate change.

Transport carbon emissions are an important share of carbon emissions. During the course ENE425 Sustainable Energy and App Development at the Norwegian School of Economics, the students design a methodology to compute transport carbon emissions, and they develop an App to track those emissions.

In this web page, there is a link to the general methodology used in the App (the methodology employed by the students is in the links in their personal Heroku accounts). There are also links to the GitHub and the OneDrive accounts with the App code. Finally, below is the link to the students' Apps.

Abazaj, Fabian
Héron, Tiphaine
Franke, Katharina
Hjartåker, Marthine
Priakhina, Veronika
Reinisch, Leopold
Rossi, Paolo
Rossland, Kristian
Schwärtzel, Monica
Zurek, Rebecca